Our Youth

Our Youth Ambassadors are the driving force of this programme and the main beneficiaries of it:
• They are responsible for the collection of data.
• They will take part in networking workshops where they will interact with each other and the community
at large to share and educate one another about what they’ve learned on their data collection assignments.
• They will attend classes for 2x  SETA accredited certification programmes that will capacitate them with skills that will make them employable at various levels of the Tourism Sector value chain.

Influence Positive Service Ecosystem

Key Services Structures

• Government Institutions
– Schools
– Hospitals and Clinics
– Libraries
– Parastatals (e.g Eskom)
• Financial Services Institutions
– Banks
– Insurances

 e-Kasi Service Industries
– Supermarkets
– Restaurants
– Taverns
– Food Outlets (e.g Shisanyama’s)
– Spaza Shops
– BnB’s
– Clothing Retailors
– Burial Schemes
– Hair and Beauty Stores

Jobs & Employment

Post 1994 democracy, Soweto emerged as one of the world’s leading tourist destinations, with a
variety of history-rich attractions that provide visitors an abundance of heritage sites,
entertainment and local cuisine establishments to choose from.
These include:
• Vilakazi Street Precinct
– The Nelson Mandela Museum
– Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu’s home
– Restaurants
– African Crafts Market
• The Walter Sisulu Precinct
• The Hector Peterson Memorial
• The Soweto Theatre
• The June 16 Memorial Acre
• And many more…
Soweto’s historical significance and its vibrant buzz, makes it a must-see for visitors looking for
more than nature and wildlife experience in South Africa.

e-Kasi Heritage Ambassador


The e-Kasi Heritage Ambassador is an ambitious data collection and networking initiative conceived by Soweto My City. This initiative is aimed at collecting historic data, current events and stories as they unfold, in order to preserve them as part of the history and heritage of Soweto, for future generations.

e-Kasi Heritage Ambassador


To conscientise Sowetan’s about the history of their city’s politics, language, urban legends, sports, Art and the urban cultural heritage of its people, which is intricately linked to contemporary music and dance cultures, and to educate them on the significance of preserving this information, as it is part of their heritage.

Data Harvesting
• Resources
– Youth Ambassadors 60 (2 per suburb)
• Data
– Data Collection
– Data Sorting
– Source Verification
• Facilities
– Storage & Preservation
– Distribution

SETA accredited

Programme Duration: 12 months

Area of Focus: Soweto

• Tourist Guiding NQF Level 4
– Introduction to Tourism, eKasi Research, SA Research, Health & Safety, Customer Care, Designing Tours, Conducting Tours
• Service Excellence
– Customer and Business, Dealing with Customers, Improving Customer Service

Key Stakeholders Partnership: Category 1
Partnership: Support Roles

Sustainable Financial Support
• Ambassadors Program
– Infrastructure Development
– Skills Development
– Remunerations
– Accreditations
• Data Capturing Equipment
– Verification
– Storage
Data Distribution Initiatives
Electronic Media
– Digital Animated Kids Series
(Gr 1 – 7)
– Student Educational Information
Network (SEINET)
• Print Media
– School Diaries (Gr 1 – 12)
– Corporate Diaries