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From Sophiatown where it all began, music, arts and culture are the soul foundation of this vibrant community. Generations after generations of talented individuals continue to emerge from this energetic community entertaining local and international audiences alike, with acts and lyrics that express the cultural heritage of the Sowetans.

eKasi has been home to a number of political, sporting, social personalities, businessman and woman, including continental ambassadors and brands amongst others. Post-1994 democracy, Soweto emerged to be one of the world’s leading tourist destinations, with a variety of attractions developed over the years. It provides visitors with an abundance of heritage sites, entertainment and local cuisine establishments.
Soweto’s historical significance and its vibrant buzz make it a must-see for visitors looking for more than a nature and wildlife experience in South Africa.


Group packages available from 10 to 50 people or more


24 hours in Soweto


48 hours in Soweto


96 hours in Soweto

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