Economic Development Plan

The purpose of building a world class African City is to act as a coherent guiding instrument for current and future economic development interventions within the Soweto Region.

Consequently, this Plan provides a framework of common priorities around which the public, private, and community sector in Soweto can focus their economic development effort and investment.

The plan must therefore be owned, and can only be delivered better, by the whole region and the City of Joburg continuously working together, and also with other spheres of government and development institutions.

Put simply, this economic development plan is an instrument for building Soweto as a productive and competitive regional economy


Citys Focus Areas

  • The Eight Year Soweto Economic Development Plan 2019 – 2026
  • Towards building a productive and competitive regional economy
  • A plan for an iconic region and a distinct brandAs the Graph indicates, Soweto is characterised by 53% unemployment rate; contributes about 4% to the total metropolitan economic activity and represents 43% of the entire city population.

Key Deliverables

Consequently, the deliverables of the regional economic development plan are illustrated as Figure One below

Development Projects - Orlando West Lifestyle Property Development

Shopping Mall Development Platform (Floor Plan)

Conferencing & Exhibitions Platform (Floor Plan)

Hotel & Residential Platforms