Virtual Events

Virtual events such as webinars, conferences, exhibitions require exceptional planning and organising, which places us in an ideal position.

As professional conference organisers, our wealth of experience in planning, organising, and managing events places us in the ideal position to manage successful virtual events, webinars, and online meetings.  Our team will ensure a stress-free experience for you as the host of the event.

Online meetings and events can take one of several forms:

Virtual Meetings

online meetings

These are the most common events, allowing people in different locations to get together in a virtual meeting room to share and discuss matters in real-time.

Ideally suited to hosting 2 to 200 (not limited to) people, this is successfully used for council or committee meetings, board meetings and annual general meetings.

e-Kasi Conferences will help you:

  • Planning, setup and management of the meeting.
  • Design of invitations and branded communications compatible with social media platforms with clickable links
  • Engage with participants pre -, during and post-event
  • Prepare and support participants
  • Source the best suited virtual platform and technical support
  • Distribute meeting documents and take minutes
  • Provide post-event analytic reporting.
  • Provide a recording of the event.


Trust us with your Virtual Event

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