SOWETO MY CITY is an affiliated member of the Soweto Tourism championing destination marketing, tourism product development and promotion.


Today is World City Day at Soweto My City Pty Ltd

We declare that Soweto is a City and meets all the statutory requirements and obligations of a Modern City. By 2024 Soweto City will be 120 years old. By 2074 the City will be 170 years old. In 2024 Soweto City would be formally declared a City and will be among the top 10 Cities in Africa and amongst the top 20 cities in the world.

Our vision is to position and market Soweto City as a viable Trade, Tourism and Investment Destination of choice within the African Continent and the other Continents.


The Key Strategic Projects include but not limited to the following:

  • An International Airport
  • Expansion of the Gautrain Infrastructure into Soweto City
  • An industrial Park
  • A 500 sleeper Boutique hotel
  • A Golf Course
  • A Knowledge Academy
  • 4 Technology Academies
  • A Bus Terminal Precinct
  • A Theme Park
  • The James Mpanza Museum

“South Africans are tired of cynicism, negativity and political squabbling. They want to do something, other than the volunteerism campaigns, they do not know what that something is” -Mr. Tim Modise – former Chairman of Proudly South African.
Soweto is a significant participant and contributor to the economic growth of South Africa. It represents the previously disadvantaged communities attracting both local and international businesses, offering unlimited business and investment opportunities.

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