E-KASI Networking Group

Our Business

Our organization was formed with the ambition to restore self-belief and pride in the communities of Soweto, including all
influential eKasi communities across the country.
• In full recognition that eKasi communities have evolved with time.
• The ENG rebranding campaign aims to further ignite the significant economic potential and social energy that exists within the vibrant and thriving eKasi
network nationally.

Our Mission

Is to mobilize the Soweto and eKasi communities in South Africa through a strategic social cohesion
• To preserve and protect the heritage and culture of our continuously evolving eKasi communities.
• Position eKasi economy as an essential and influential participant to the economic growth of all 9 Provinces.
• Continuously project a positive perception of eKasi to both local and international travelling communities.
• To effectively increase and professionally manage local and international tourism into eKasi businesses eKasi Networking Group