Our Background

In every country in the world, there is always a city or town that greatly influences the culture and lifestyle of the people living in it and Soweto is indeed one of those towns. The culture and lifestyle of many black South African’s emerged through this environment, even the country’s successful political transition began in the streets of Soweto.

This unique town provides visitors with a cultural experience that derives from the largest black residential area in South Africa, which is also a product of the apartheid government’s policy of group areas act. Soweto is a multicultural and political rich community on the periphery of Johannesburg.

The town has always been regarded as a haven for all sorts of criminal activities; yet eKasi carries both oral and written history that defines our newly transformed South Africa.Soweto is one of the few areas in the country that has a full representation of all South African languages and to compliment that, eKasi boasts with its own slang language just like anywhere else in the world.

Our Campaign

Soweto My City is a campaign formed with the ambition to rejuvenate, restore self-belief, pride and give confidence to the community of Soweto. In recognizing that the community of eKasi to have evolved with time, this re-branding campaign aims to further ignite the significant economic potential that exist within eKasi of Soweto.

Our Mission

Is to mobilize the Sowetan community through a strategic social cohesion campaign:

1. Continuously build a positive mind-set about Soweto to both local and international communities.
2. To increase local and international tourism into Soweto
3. Elevate the status of Soweto as an essential participant to the economic growth of the Gauteng Province
4. To stimulate the recognition of Soweto internationally

  1. Sowetans
  2. Gautengers
  3. Provincial and national Tourists
  4. International Tourists

  1. Trendy and opinionated
  2. Born and bred in Soweto
  3. Middle Class
  4. Entrepreneurs
  5. Globe Trotters

  1. Preserving the Heritage and Culture of our communities
  2. Improve Soweto tourism infrastructure
  3. Inspire and build the next generation of entrepreneurs
  4. Positively influence eKasi tourism across South Africa
  5. To becoming the leading household brand across the South African and International Communities

Our Clients