Economic Development Plan
2019 - 2026

SOWETO MY CITY is an affiliated member of the Soweto Tourism championing destination marketing, tourism product development and promotion. SOWETO– an acronym for South-Western Township – provides visitors with a
unique cultural experience

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It is the largest black residential area in South Africa,
a product of the apartheid government’s policy of group areas act. Soweto is a
multicultural and political rich community on the periphery of Johannesburg.
Soweto has always been regarded as a haven of all sorts of criminal activities; yet
eKasi carries both oral and written history that defines our newly transformed
South Africa.
Soweto is one of the few areas in the country that has a full representation of all
South African languages and to complement that, eKasi boasts with its own slang
(language). Like New York in the USA, Paris in France, Rio in Brazil so is Soweto in
South Africa.

Sustainable Tourism Ecosystem

Establish Sustainable Tourism Ecosystem
• eKasi Loyalty Marketing
• eKasi Loyalty Partnerships
• Skills Development & Management
• Heritage, Arts and Culture Preservation
• Intellectual Property and Asset Management
• Digital Marketing Migration
• Public Relations – Administration
• Product Development (Brand Management)
• Project Development & Management

KYC & Security

  • IT Solutions Architects
  • Hosted, highly secure government & corporate email
  • Software & Hardware Management & Monitoring
  • Cloud Computing & Hosting
  • Business continuity/Disaster Recovery solutions
  • Continuous data protection
  • Security Hardware/Software implementation and support
  • Storage Area Network Implementation and support
  • Fraud protection, penetration testing & firewall
  • Forensic investigation
  • Unified Secure Communications implementation and support
  • Mobile messaging solutions
  • Virtual private networks
  • Secure, confidential mobile phone hardware & software
  • ICT hardware sourcing and supply

The Key Strategic Projects include, but not limited to, the following:

Smart City Projects

  • An International Airport
  • Expansion of the Gautrain Infrastructure into Soweto City
  • An industrial Park
  • A 500 sleeper Boutique hotel
  • A Golf Course

Digital Transformation & Revitilization

  • A Knowledge Academy
  • 4 Technology Academies
  • A Bus Terminal Precinct
  • A Theme Park
  • The James Mpanza Museum

Digital Economy

“South Africans are tired of cynicism, negativity and political squabbling. They want to do something, other than the volunteerism campaigns, they do not know what that something is” -Mr. Tim Modise – former Chairman of Proudly South African.
Soweto is a significant participant and contributor to the economic growth of South Africa. It represents the previously disadvantaged communities attracting both local and international businesses, offering unlimited business and investment opportunities.

Youth , Jobs & Education

An estimated 3000 jobs (Permanent and Part-time) will be created annually through the
program in Soweto in the following hospitality areas;
• Office Administration
• Tour Guides
• Call Centre Staff
• Promo Activations Staff
• Security Personnel
• Ushers/Car Guards
• Suppliers
• Hospitality Services
• Drivers
• Cleaners


e-Kasi Travel Packages

  • Top Gauteng Tours,
  • Sightseeing & Cruises
  • Bird Watching
  • Shows
  • Fairs
  • Circus
  • Sport
  • Soweto Ekasi Tour Johannesburg

e-Kasi Loyalty Marketing

R44 billion is collectively saved in 820 000 stokvels and socities in South Africa.
That means that, together, the members of these savings vehicle could buy a number of
SA’s biggest companies in cash, including Pick n Pay, which has a market value R33 billion, Truworths valued at R43 billion, or Netcare, valued at R38 billion.

The cash flowing through these stokvels easily tops the annual cash flow of most of the biggest companies, FirstRand and Vodacom.
According to research by the National Stokvel Association of SA, 11.4 million S Africans are members of stokvels, economy, organisations, businesses, SOE’s education, buildings, transport, soccer teams, sport, health, the list is long. All the above mentioned can be saved by this 11.4 million members.


• Electronic
– Online Magazine
– Social Platforms
– Website (incl. Booking Engine)
– Mobile App
– Soweto TV
• Radio
– Jozi FM and Gauteng Community Radio Stations
– Kaya FM

• Outdoor
– Billboard
– Mobile Vehicle
– Wall Mural
– Spaza shop
• Print
– SMC Magazine
– Soweto Waya Waya (Newspaper)

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